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About signup.mtsac.edu
Buying Tickets
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About signup.mtsac.edu

What is signup.mtsac.edu?

signup.mtsac.edu is an online events portal for the Mt. SAC community. Members of the community can use the site post events and book tickets from the site. The site can be used for both free and paid events. The site offers the event owner everything they need to create and promote their event to the Mt. SAC community. The service is operated by AudienceView, an organization specializing in providing solutions for the live events market.

Who can use the service?

Only members of the Mt. SAC community with valid portal credentials can post events on the site. The site is available to anyone to purchase tickets or registry for an event.

Buying Tickets

How Can I register for an event?

You can register for an event online. If there is a registration cost for the event, you can use Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express to pay.

How will the charge appear on my credit card statement

Your credit card statement will show a charge from AV Community – Mt. SAC.

How do I get my Tickets?

Tickets are either e-mailed to you or available for download when you make your purchase.

What if I don’t get my Tickets?

On occasion, tickets delivered electronically may get flagged as junk mail by your e-mail provided. Check your junk mail or spam folder to see if this is happened with your tickets.

You can also re-print your tickets online, by logging into your account at www.signup.mtsac.edu. From your my account screen, select order history and then the reprint/forward registration link next to the event.

Getting More Information about an Event?

Each event listed on the site has its own event information page with all the information about the event provided by the event owner. You can navigate directly to this page or select one of the more info links available throughout the site.
If you need additional information about an event, you can contact the event owner directly. Each event information page has a link to the event owner’s contact information.

Security Privacy

Is the site secure?

The site and our data center are both certified as PCI compliant. PCI certification is the gold standard for security for e-commerce sites.

Is my personal information Private?

The site complies with the universities privacy policies and best practices.  The policy is available here

Terms and Conditions

Where can I find the terms and conditions for the site:

The terms and conditions for both the event owner and ticket buyer can be found here:

a.Event Owner
b.Ticket Buyer

Individual event owners are also able to add their own terms and conditions. Event owner supplied terms and conditions are displayed during the ticket sales process.


What are the Costs?

There is no cost to post or register for a free event. When there is a charge for an event, the event owner is charged a modest commission of 2% plus a 2% credit card processing fee. There is also a registration fee of $.99 per registration.  For more information on pricing, see our pricing page.

When do I get paid?

Settlement Payments are processed within 10 business days of the event taking place. Delivery of your payment is dependent on your chosen payment method. A check payment can take 1 to 2 weeks to be delivered by mail.

What is the status of my event reconciliation/payment?

The status of your event can be tracked in the My Events section of the Event Owner Portal. Once an event has been settled, it moves from the Completed section to the Settled section under My Events in the Event Owner Portal.

Day of the Event

How do I sell tickets at the door?

As the event owner, you are in control on the day of your event. Cash sales are standard for door sales. If your customer chooses to pay with their credit card, they can use their smartphone to purchase a ticket online. As the event owner, you have access to real time sales and will be able to see the sale once it has happened.

How do I scan tickets at the door?

AVGo allows you to utilize your smartphone to validate tickets as your customers enter your event. The app is available for iOS devices on the apple via iTunes and Android devices via the Google Marketplace. The app allows you to choose the event you want validate tickets for and use your smartphone’s camera to scan the barcode on the ticket.

How do I print a list of event attendees?

In your Event Owner portal, two attendee reports are available for each event you create. Both reports can be viewed on your screen for paperless load-in.
If you prefer a printed list, you can also download a .CSV (comma separated values) file which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

General Customer Concerns

How can I refund an event attendee?

If you allow refunds for your event, the AVGo team can provide this to your customers. Click here (link to support form) and fill out the support form. Under case type, choose Refund Request and provide the customer name, order number, and amount to be refunded.
Refund requests must be received at least 24 hours prior to the start of your event to ensure Settlement is not already in progress.

How do I collect additional information about an attendee?

During the setup of your event, step 3 allows you to create questions that your attendees have to answer on a per order or per ticket basis.
For example: If you are selling tickets to an event with dinner, consider using questions to ask if the attendee needs a vegetarian meal.

Event Creation / Editing

How do I change the number of tickets available for sale?

You can change the number of tickets available for an event by logging into your account and navigating to My Events. Click View next to the event you wish to update
By clicking Edit Event, you are able to edit your event’s details including the number of tickets for sale.

How do I cancel an event or hide it from view?

You can change the status for the event from published to draft. This will remove your event from the site. Your support team can help you with refunds from your cancelled event.

Event Promotion

Can I use e-mail to promote my event?

The event owner can take advantage of the sites built in e-mail marketing tool. Your contact lists can be uploaded directly into the system.

Can I use Social Media to promote my event?

The site is fully integrated with several social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Event owners can post their event directly to Facebook during the event creation process. You can also spread the word about your event through Twitter and Google place.

Getting Help

Questions about an Event?

To find out more about a specific event, please contact the event owner directly. Contact links are available on the event information page.

Questions about setting up an Event?

If you need help setting up your event, please contact Dalia Puentes, Performing Arts Services Coordinator at Mt. SAC.